Oklahoma Living Cover - January 2015

Oklahoma Living Cover – January 2015

2 months ago James Pratt
I love shooting on white. It gives editors a lot of options when placing images in their layouts. Normally I like to have a large studio for shooting on white -…
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2 months agoOklahoma Living Cover – January 2015
Classic Italian - 1967 Ducati 250cc Mach 1/S

Classic Italian – 1967 Ducati 250cc Mach 1/S

3 months ago James Pratt
I originally wrote this short story for Ride Oklahoma Magazine in January 2009 to go along with the cover photo. The name Ducati evokes emotions in most moto…
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3 months agoClassic Italian – 1967 Ducati 250cc Mach 1/S
Back from the Dead - Yamaha Stratoliner

Back from the Dead – Yamaha Stratoliner

3 months ago James Pratt
I wrote this story for Ride Oklahoma Magazine in January 2009. Tommy Bolton, championship drag racer, race winning engine tuner, and hot-rod Hayabusa builder…
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3 months agoBack from the Dead – Yamaha Stratoliner
Dirty 30 Mud Run in Mulhall

Dirty 30 Mud Run in Mulhall

6 months ago James Pratt
Earlier this year I photographed the Dirty 30 Mud Run in Mulhall for Oklahoma Living Magazine. This annual event draws runners from all over central Oklahoma fo…
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6 months agoDirty 30 Mud Run in Mulhall
College Survival Guide

College Survival Guide

6 months ago James Pratt
I was asked to photograph college students for the cover and inside pages of Oklahoma Living Magazine’s College Survival Guide issue for March 2014. It was a bi…
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6 months agoCollege Survival Guide

My Photography

I wrote and photographed this story for Oklahoma Living Magazine.

Pickup Trucks in Oklahoma

I wrote and photographed this story for Oklahoma Living Magazine about how electric coop members in Oklahoma use their pickup trucks in work and play.

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My Video

Alfonso Jimenez from Mexico kiteboarding at Hood River, OR

Kiteboarding Motorcyclists from Mexico

In 2010 is was at the BMW MOA rally in Bend, Oregon and was asked to be a judge for the BMW GS “Anti-Concourse” bike show. The purpose of this show was to highlight bikes that were used in odd and unusual ways. During the judging I came across two bikes that were obviously different […]

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My Writing

Glen Sinclair and his daughter converse in between practice laps at an OCCRA race in Wellston, OK.

Dirt Fever – Glen Sinclair

I originally wrote this story for Ride Oklahoma in February 2009. In the early 1970’s Glen Sinclair was very involved in dirt bike racing. He hung out with the likes of Jack Penton and Dick Burleson. “I would build the course and they would come and ride it” laughs Glen. “I also know Ralph Royce […]

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My Podcasting

I am finally getting the hang of Apple's Logic Pro X and have produced 4 podcasts in the past week.

After years of using Adobe Audition for sound editing, I recently switched to Apple’s Logic Pro X and after a week of intense practice, I am starting to get the hang of it and LOVING the program!

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Quality Photography can Help your Brand

The goal of business marketing is to generate demand for your products or services. There are a variety of ways to market your business – traditional print advertising, web, social media, broadcast and cable television, as well as new channels such as Youtube, Google, and Facebook. With so many choices available, and each advertising sales […]

My Writing Workflow

I love storytelling. It is a blast to gather pictures, do interviews, ask questions, and dig in and develop a story. The really hard part for me is the actual writing of the story. Short articles, technical documents, user manuals, and blogs posts are easy, but for me long form magazine stories seem much harder. […]


Gel Holders

A few years ago I created these gel rolls to carry around my color correcting gels.  My sister sewed them together for me.  I purchase large sheets of color correcting gels in various densities, roll them up into these holders according to color temp, then slip them into my light bag.  They are very handy […]


Shooting on White

I just created a new gallery on my web site titled “On White”.  In it I will be placing some of my huge library of images I photograph on a white background.  This is one of my favorite styles.  It is clean and uncluttered and lets the viewer focus on the subject.  The challenging part […]


Photography requires an interesting mix of technical prowess and artistic interpretation.  Most people become hooked on photography because they are inspired to capture beautiful images in their lives.  Yet you must master a dizzying array of technical skills to become a consistently great photographer. Our technical experience allows us to take what we see – […]

The Importance of Keywording

I have been shooting photos extensively since 1996, and sporadically before that.  With nearly 200,000 images in my archives, I have learned the importance of properly keywording your images. When I first started as a pro with film in 1996, I kept my images in archival sleeves, organized by date.  I would sometimes write on […]

I have over 100,000 film images in my film library.  I am working to scan and keyword all my film images into my Adobe Lightroom database.

Film – The New Cool

Funny how things come back in style.  Recently several young photographers I know have really gotten fired up about shooting film.  They talk about the look that film gives them, how you can’t recreate that in Photoshop, they love the manual guesswork involved in exposures. Kodak Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Two recent events brought film back […]

Faro and Doris Caudill, homesteaders. Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Russell Lee. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

America in Color 1939-1943

I recently saw these images at the Library of Congress and just fell in love with them. They were taken by photographers employed by the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information during the time before and during World War II. These are some of the few color photographs taken of rural America. I love this […]


Personal Work – Motorcycle Camping

After planning my personal project and gathering the necessary supplies and assistants and scouting a location, we converged on Lake Thunderbird near Norman, Oklahoma on Thursday evening. It was HOT – about 104 where we were at and even hotter in some locations around Oklahoma. I had two volunteers/friends there to help with setting up […]

Planning A Photo Project

After working in the studio extensively the past few weeks, I decided to head outside (in the middle of record hot temps) to do some personal work. This past is about how I go about planning a photo shoot. Today is Shoot Day -2. VISION First off comes the vision. Like most photographers, I am […]


Joe Capone

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from another photographer asking me if I would shoot a tattoo’d friend of theirs. They didn’t have a studio and felt I had the equipment and experience necessary to shoot some pics that did their friend justice. Not thinking much about it, I said “sure”. I […]

Test Shoot

Pro photographer meeting

I hosted a local pro photographer meeting in my studio last night. Only had a few people show up but we had some fun talking shop and shooting with lights. We just played around with the lighting, trying different settings and poses with one of the photographers girlfriend.

First HD Video

I just completed my very first HD video project! Well, that is not completely accurate. Since my Sony PD-170 camera gave up the ghost a couple of years ago, I have dabbled in HD video with a prosumer JVC camera. It was a decent system and shot full 1080P video, but it just didn’t have […]

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