Oklahoma Today Cover - November/December 2014

Oklahoma Today Cover – November/December 2014

3 weeks ago James Pratt
I photographed a story about Wildcare Animal Rescue in Noble, OK for a feature story for Oklahoma Today Magazine during the summer 2014. I worked with writer Ka…
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3 weeks agoOklahoma Today Cover – November/December 2014
Power in the Panhandle

Power in the Panhandle

3 weeks ago James Pratt
I got a call from Tri-County Electric Cooperative in January asking me to create a panorama photograph for their entryway at their new headquarters under constr…
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3 weeks agoPower in the Panhandle
The Power of 3 - Oklahoma Today story with Nathan Gunter

The Power of 3 – Oklahoma Today story with Nathan…

3 weeks ago James Pratt
I had the opportunity last summer to do a story with Oklahoma Today managing editor Nathan Gunter. I had pitched the story to the publication a couple of years…
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3 weeks agoThe Power of 3 – Oklahoma Today story with Nathan…
Sprint Car Racer Harli White profile for Oklahoma Today

Sprint Car Racer Harli White profile for Oklahoma…

2 months ago James Pratt
In 2013 I wrote a story for Oklahoma Living about dirt track racing in Oklahoma and while researching the story I heard about Harli White, a then 17 year old fe…
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2 months agoSprint Car Racer Harli White profile for Oklahoma…
Oklahoma Living Cover - January 2015

Oklahoma Living Cover – January 2015

3 months ago James Pratt
I love shooting on white. It gives editors a lot of options when placing images in their layouts. Normally I like to have a large studio for shooting on white -…
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3 months agoOklahoma Living Cover – January 2015

My Photography

electrical utility lines for Tri-County Electric Coop TCEC

Power in the Panhandle

I got a call from Tri-County Electric Cooperative in January asking me to create a panorama photograph for their entryway at their new headquarters under construction in Hooker, Oklahoma. They had seen some of my powerline work in the past and wanted a photo that represented their service area. This was going to be a […]

My Video

This video of dual sport riding in Clayton, OK was produced way back in 2005 - before HD video, before GoPro's.

Ride Oklahoma Dual Sport Video circa 2005

This was one of my early attempts at capturing video on a motorcycle. This was long before GoPro’s. I had to attach bullet cams to a dirt bike slamming through rocks, and feed said bullet cam to a digital camcorder in the rider’s backpack. Kind of rough. The biggest problem with the video is the […]

My Writing

I wrote and photographed this story for Oklahoma Living Magazine.

Pickup Trucks in Oklahoma

I wrote and photographed this story for Oklahoma Living Magazine about how electric coop members in Oklahoma use their pickup trucks in work and play.

My Podcasting

I am finally getting the hang of Apple's Logic Pro X and have produced 4 podcasts in the past week.

After years of using Adobe Audition for sound editing, I recently switched to Apple’s Logic Pro X and after a week of intense practice, I am starting to get the hang of it and LOVING the program!

My Blog

This screen shot from Corey Rich's web site is from his Nikon D4 video and shows a drone carrying what I assume to be a Nikon D4 over a bicycle rider in Moab, Utah.

Nikon Promoting Illegal Activity?

I just attended the Bedford Camera Photocon Expo 2015 in Oklahoma City. One of the keynote speakers was Corey Rich, who was sponsored and invited by Nikon to present his filmmaking experience using Nikon cameras. I eagerly attended his presentation and was amazed at his imagery during the presentation. As part of his presentation he […]

Fotofacts Podcast interview of James Pratt at Bedford Camera Photocon 2015

Bedford Camera Photocon 2015 Presentation review on Fotofacts Podcast

I recently presented my new program “Shoot to Publish” at the Bedford Camera Photocon F2.8 Expo in Oklahoma City to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. Afterwards I talked with my friends Robert Trawick and Jim Felder at Fotofacts Podcast about the program.

I ran across Zach while working on a story. Zach was by far the coolest person I met that day. Or the past week or month for that matter. I just had to photograph him. For no other reason than he was just cool.

Cool Dude with a BIG truck

While working on a story for a client, I ran across this really cool kid. Can’t remember his name, but I think it was Zack. So I am calling him Zack. He was the most interesting person I ran across all day. So I took his portrait.

OK Today Trout P1

Shoot to Publish – My Class at Bedford Camera Photocon 2.8 Expo March 20

I will be teaching a class “Shoot to Publish” at Bedford Camera’s Photocon F2.8 Expo in Oklahoma City on March 20. This class is designed to teach budding editorial photographers how to shoot photographs that publishers want for stories. Since 2008 I have shot dozens of covers and hundreds of photos that have been published […]

I am very impressed with my Zoom H6 recorder. It comes with snap-on microphone accessories plus a module that allows me to add two more XLR inputs for a total of six.

Zoom H6 recorder review

I recently upgraded from a Zoom H4n to a Zoom H6 audio recorder. I really liked the H4n but am totally impressed with the H6. It is a much better product that is easier to use than the H4n and offers six channels of recording versus four channels on the H4n. I use it with Logic Pro X on my Mac and Boss Jock on my iPad.

Dual Sport Motorcycling Video

Dual Sport Motorcycles – This is What I Do

I love to ride motorcycles, and more specifically, dual sport motorcycles. They allow me to explore out-of-the-way places that I can’t reach with a normal street bike. I can toss on a sleeping bag and tent, point my bike in any general direction, and just ride. If the road turns to dirt or a cow trail, no big deal – I can generally make it through. This video may give you an inkling of why I love riding dual sport motorcycles.


Quality Photography can Help your Brand

The goal of business marketing is to generate demand for your products or services. There are a variety of ways to market your business – traditional print advertising, web, social media, broadcast and cable television, as well as new channels such as Youtube, Google, and Facebook. With so many choices available, and each advertising sales […]

My Writing Workflow

I love storytelling. It is a blast to gather pictures, do interviews, ask questions, and dig in and develop a story. The really hard part for me is the actual writing of the story. Short articles, technical documents, user manuals, and blogs posts are easy, but for me long form magazine stories seem much harder. […]


Gel Holders

A few years ago I created these gel rolls to carry around my color correcting gels.  My sister sewed them together for me.  I purchase large sheets of color correcting gels in various densities, roll them up into these holders according to color temp, then slip them into my light bag.  They are very handy […]


Shooting on White

I just created a new gallery on my web site titled “On White”.  In it I will be placing some of my huge library of images I photograph on a white background.  This is one of my favorite styles.  It is clean and uncluttered and lets the viewer focus on the subject.  The challenging part […]


Photography requires an interesting mix of technical prowess and artistic interpretation.  Most people become hooked on photography because they are inspired to capture beautiful images in their lives.  Yet you must master a dizzying array of technical skills to become a consistently great photographer. Our technical experience allows us to take what we see – […]

The Importance of Keywording

I have been shooting photos extensively since 1996, and sporadically before that.  With nearly 200,000 images in my archives, I have learned the importance of properly keywording your images. When I first started as a pro with film in 1996, I kept my images in archival sleeves, organized by date.  I would sometimes write on […]

I have over 100,000 film images in my film library.  I am working to scan and keyword all my film images into my Adobe Lightroom database.

Film – The New Cool

Funny how things come back in style.  Recently several young photographers I know have really gotten fired up about shooting film.  They talk about the look that film gives them, how you can’t recreate that in Photoshop, they love the manual guesswork involved in exposures. Kodak Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Two recent events brought film back […]