Homesteaders - Kenneth and Barbara Goodin

Homesteaders – Kenneth and Barbara Goodin

2 weeks ago James Pratt
When Kenneth and Barbara Goodin retired from working in Lawton, they decided to move to their ancestral land near Cache. Kenneth's grandfather, a respected Coma…
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2 weeks agoHomesteaders – Kenneth and Barbara Goodin
Homesteaders - Jennifer and Perry Plett

Homesteaders – Jennifer and Perry Plett

2 weeks ago James Pratt
Jennifer Plett and her husband Perry live just north of Okeene on land her great grandfather, J.A. Hendricks, homesteaded after the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1…
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2 weeks agoHomesteaders – Jennifer and Perry Plett
Homesteaders - Eddy Red Eagle

Homesteaders – Eddy Red Eagle

2 weeks ago James Pratt
Earlier this year I was assigned to photograph a story by Oklahoma Today about Oklahoma families who lived on their family's original land allotment when Oklaho…
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2 weeks agoHomesteaders – Eddy Red Eagle
Oklahoma Living Feature Story & Cover October 2015

Oklahoma Living Feature Story & Cover October 2015

1 month ago James Pratt
For the October issue of Oklahoma Living Magazine, I not only photographed the cover, but also wrote the feature story about People's Electric Cooperative elect…
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1 month agoOklahoma Living Feature Story & Cover October 2015
4x5x365 - Day 36

4x5x365 – Day 36

6 months ago James Pratt
Feast your eyes on one of my favorite photos so far from my 4x5x365 series. I went down to Brass Ball Bobbers in Oklahoma City and took this shot of master moto…
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6 months ago4x5x365 – Day 36

My Photography

Homesteaders – Kenneth and Barbara Goodin

When Kenneth and Barbara Goodin retired from working in Lawton, they decided to move to their ancestral land near Cache. Kenneth’s grandfather, a respected Comanche Indian named Bob Otipoby claimed the land after the 1901 Jerome Agreement, which forced the Comanches to assign tribal members individual land allotments. He and his Betty Pedday had been […]

My Video

Tombo Racing Hayabusa Motor Rebuild Part 3

In this episode, Tommy Bolton shows viewers how to install pistons and the crank in a 2008 Hayabusa racing motor. Once again, I shot this video with multiple cameras, external lighting, and external audio. I completed the project in Adobe Indesign and After Affects.

My Writing

OKIE Oklahoma Living Awards 2015

I recently received several OKIE awards at the 2015 Oklahoma Living Magazine banquet. I was happy to receive two awards for my writing and three photo awards. I really enjoy working with the staff at the magazine and the employees and members at electrical cooperatives across Oklahoma.

My Podcasting

Wet Plate Collodion photography with Mark Zimmerman

In this episode of Pro Photography Radio I interview Mark Zimmerman – “ZMan” about wet plate collodion photography. Mark is a former newspaper photographer and now a photography professor at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in Edmond. While Mark teaches both digital and film photography, he has a penchant for old school photography – […]

My Blog

Dreams of my Dad

Today is starting off as a great day. My dad, who passed away a bit over a year ago, came to me again in my dreams. He first appeared in my dreams about 3 weeks ago. I don’t remember a lot about the first time since I dream multiple dreams every single night and usually […]

A Photographer’s Guide to Apple Watch

When Apple first announced their sleek Apple Watch, I wasn’t impressed. I hadn’t worn a watch in years, instead relying on my iPhone to show me the current time. I AM an Apple fanboy however, having switched from Windows PC’s in about 2010 or so and never regretted it. But the Watch? Looked like an […]

4x5x365 – Day 41

I love photographing motorcycles and the enthusiasts who build and ride them. I think they make interesting character studies. This photo is of my friend and customer Dar Holdsworth, owner of Darwin Motorcycles, makers of the Brass Ball Bobbers line of motorcycles. Dar is a former Army vet who decided to build his own custom […]

Pentax 6×7 – Greg

I shot this photo with my Pentax 6×7 at a local Edmond area nursing home. My father-in-law stays there and I visit from time to time. During lunch I like to talk to the patients there and often ask if I can take their photo. Most of them are staying there with nobody to visit […]

Buffington Hotel – Westville, Oklahoma

Bill and Susan Dragoo and I had just started on our trip to drive the Trans-America Trail for our story in Oklahoma Today Magazine when we ran across the Buffington Hotel in Westville, Oklahoma. Not exactly the Ritz Carlton, although back in the early 1900’s the Buffington was quite a swank hotel for eastern Oklahoma […]

Kayak Fishing in Oklahoma

To continue with my fishing theme from yesterday, today I bring you kayak fishing around Oklahoma. Although I grew up around fishing and my grandfather LOVED to take me fishing, I never was big into fishing – until I got a kayak last year. I am not sure what triggered the fun compared to boat […]

Family Easter – Not all Work

I don’t work ALL the time. Like most professional photographers, when I have family over I prefer to put down the camera, because normally camera = work. But sometimes I will grab a simple kit and unobtrusively try to capture family time together without a lot of gear – no lighting, no big cameras, usually […]

Downtown Oklahoma City Panorama

Last year I photographed downtown Oklahoma City from atop a local parking garage, and stitched the images together to create this sunset panorama. I shot the pictures on a tripod and then used PTGUI software to stitch them together into a nice panorama. I like that this image shows Devon Tower all lit up at […]

NAPA story portrait in Stonewall

Nathan Gunter and I were traveling across Oklahoma on our story about Highway 3 when we drove through Stonewall, Oklahoma. Not much left in Stonewall. It seems to have been bypassed when the Oklahoma Department of Transportation rebuilt Highway 3 about 1/4 mile out of town. We were on the old part of Highway 3. […]

4x5x365 – Day 16

Today I bring you another Native American photo I took at Red Earth a couple of years ago. The 2015 Red Earth festival is coming up soon and I am planning to do some more work at this years event. Hopefully my technique is a bit better than with this version. Today I was thinking […]

Micha Young in Black and White – Film

Yesterday I posted digital images of Micha that I had converted to black and white. Today I post actual film images shot on black and white film – either Kodak TMAX-100 or Ilford HP5. I used bothy my Toyo VRX-125 studio view camera and my Pentax 6×7. To me, there is a distinctly different “feel” […]

4x5x365 – Day 12

Shooting 4×5 is hard. Preparing one 4×5 image to publish each day is just as difficult I am learning. I had hoped to shoot one image per day but quickly learned that is not practical. Posting one image per day is nearly as difficult. I wish it was as easy as shooting the picture and […]

A Bit More Drag Racing on Film – Just Because

Tired of looking at my large format pictures of old cabins? How about some more drag racing photos? “Heck yea” I hear from the motorheads leaning against the pop machine in the back of the room. Alrighty then. These are from my trip to Tulsa Raceway a couple of weeks ago. I just had time […]